Junk Removal Pricing

Here are our prices for Junk Removal Services. Our easy to understand pricing structure makes your experience simple!


Trash Removal, Rubbish Removal, Junk Removal Specials

We pick up junk, rubbish or trash locally for as little as $50

We charge $150 for the first 500 lbs and $50 for each additional 500 lbs.

$350 Full Truckload - Up to 1 ton of misc. trash and junk located anywhere within your home or office. Simply point and our guys will gather the items and promptly load them. *Excludes core items.​​

$300 Driveway Special - Up to 1 ton of misc. trash and junk located in your driveway or garage, fitting in one truckload, to be picked up, loaded and disposed of.

*Excludes core items; max weight 2,000 lbs - call for details 774-287-1133

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